Bild av en Samil Power SolarRiver 2.3KW 1PH Inverter

Samil Power SolarRiver 2.3KW 1PH Inverter

Samil Powers loggo Alias SolarRiver 2300TL
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SolarRiver (Brief in SR) series PV grid-tied inverters are string inverters specially designed for small and mid-range systems by SamilPower. It consists of 6 power levels which provide highly flexible choices for PV power plants. With impressive efficiency up to 97.6% SR series string inverters are not only with high cost-effective but also modern appearance. Moreover it strictly complies with the international certification or standards i.e.: CE TUV and VDE etc.


  • Leading-edge Technology
  • 1. Transformerless H6 Topology
  • 2. Wide MPP voltage range
  • 3. Compact design
  • 4. Small size and light weight
  • Flexibility
  • 1. Use for indoor or outdoor (IP65)
  • 2. 'plug and play' connection for easy installation and maintenance
  • 3. Multi-lingual display
  • 4. Simple national setting of line supply monitoring (ENS)
  • 5. Automatic country configuration
  • Built to last
  • 1. Stainless steel housing
  • 2. Automatic protection including over voltage; islanding; short circuit; overload and under voltage; underload; etc.
  • 3. 10 years standard warranty and up to 20 years warranty extension